New Book

Hello again,

I missed you all so much that I just had to write again.  Of course, I also wanted to let you know that I have finally completed TO HIDE from DEATH III: Death comes no more.  Yes after waiting so long I finally got off my duff (or maybe finally sat on it lol) and finished writing.  Boy am I past the deadline lol.

This is by no means the last in the series so don’t let the title fool you.  I must once again thank Mark and Paula Anstine for their wonderful job on my cover art.  They are two amazing people (did I tell you they take me ghost hunting) I guess I did now lol.

I am very happy with the outcome of this book.  When I finally had the chance to actually sit here and type the rest of that novel I had it completed in a few days.  It’s funny what one can accomplish when they finally sit down at the computer.

I still have five more being released this year.  I have already told my family that I can no longer have emergencies. Everyone must get together and decide to stay healthy for the rest of the summer…Surprisingly, they agreed.  I guess school really is coming to an end for the year 🙂

I will let you all know when it becomes available but in the meantime I’m giving you the first chapter as my gift to you.

Thank you for your support and forgiveness for being late.

TO HIDE from DEATH III: Death comes no more


“Where are we?”  Kelly asked.   “Where do we go now?” she continued, sounding frustrated and confused.

“I don’t know, you’re driving” Rhonda said rolling her eyes.  “Didn’t you pay attention to the directions or the map?”

“Yeah, but half these roads aren’t even on the map and they definitely are not in the directions.  Where does it say that we come to a stop sign?” Kelly was gripping the steering wheel tight.

“I don’t know mom, but if we don’t find that place soon, something horribly bad is going to happen.” Exasperated, she shouted, “Why don’t you just read the damn map again!”

Kelly slammed the sides of her fists on the steering wheel and drew her head back releasing a long anguished cry.  She knew what the consequences would be if she was late.  She also knew who she was dealing with.  Trying desperately not to let her fear show to Rhonda was turning into an impossible task now.  Kelly allowed her mind to drift for a moment, a fleeting moment was all that she allowed.  She went back to a time when they were happy.  A time not that far in the past.  She believed when they moved to that new farm that life was going to be good.  No, she knew life was going to be great, so what in the heck went wrong?

“Mom! Earth to Mom!” Rhonda said waving her hand in front of Kelly’s face.  “Where in the heck did you go?  I need you to focus” she said, her words sounding like a demand.

“I’m here Rhonda” Kelly said in exasperation “In the same damn car as you.  I just drifted off for a minute thinking of how happy we were just a little while ago.”  Kelly’s frustrations were coming through loud and clear with every word she spoke.

“I would like to take a stroll down memory lane too Mom, but someone has to be the adult and stay focused.  Don’t you think I would like to close my eyes and forget what’s at stake?  Don’t you think I would rather be home with our family surrounding us as opposed to being in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what direction we’re supposed to be heading in?  Don’t you think I would like this nightmare to be over?” she asked, her eyes beginning to tear, “but it isn’t and if we don’t buckle down and figure out where we are and where we’re supposed to be he’s going to kill her.”

Rhonda’s words cut deep into Kelly’s heart.  She wasn’t trying to avoid their current situation she was just trying to maintain her sanity, or what little she had left.  She didn’t want to face the reality of their situation and she hated knowing that they were in it alone.  No one knew where they were, where they were going or why.  She never had a chance to tell anyone, the only one that knew her plight was Rhonda and Kelly knew she should have never let Rhonda talk her into going with her.  She should have kept the phone call to herself but with her reaction to the caller, Rhonda was bound to figure it out anyhow.

“Rhonda, I’m sorry.  I’m trying to cope and get a grip on this entire situation so I can calm down and concentrate.  I promise I will stay focused from here on out” Kelly told her closing her eyes tightly to prevent any tears from falling.

“I know and I don’t mean to be harsh with you.  I wish you had never met that jerk and I wish he would just drop off the face of the Earth.  If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be going through this, we wouldn’t be wondering if she is ok, if she’s hurt or if he’s killed her already.”

Kelly gasped turning pale, “Rhonda, you can’t think that way.  You need to stay positive” Kelly said, her voice beginning to tremble.

“I know how you would like me to think” Rhonda said trying to keep her voice steady, “But one of us has to grasp the reality of this situation.  Mom, you have no way of knowing that he will keep his word and keep her alive.”  Rhonda put her hands up to her face and closed her eyes for a moment then dropped them to her sides and faced her mother.  “As much as it pains you to face this, it pains me too” she said and turned her head to look out of the window.  She was trying desperately to figure out where they were.

Kelly said nothing to Rhonda she just picked up the map and began to study it closely.  She looked at the crossroad in front of them searching for a street sign.  She dropped her eyes off to the left shielding her eyes against a glimmer of sun hitting metal.  In a brief second Kelly had opened the car door and ran toward the shining metal.  Rhonda jumped out of the other door and was right on her mother’s heels.  It was a street sign.  It had been sawed off from the bottom and thrown in the ditch.

“This had to be Eric’s doing” Rhonda said angrily.  “That no good son of a…”

“We don’t have time for that” Kelly said.  “We need to look at that map and see if Walking Back Road is on there” and the two of them made a beeline for the car.

Rhonda grabbed the map and began tracing their route.  She found Walking Back Road and pointed excitedly to it yelling “Here it is! Here it is!”

“Which way do we turn?” Kelly asked her.

“Left!  We need to make a left and then there will be an unnamed road a mile up where we’ll need to turn right.  It will be a dirt road and the old asylum is about two miles down on the right.  There is going to be an old electrified fence around it according to this note” Rhonda said excitedly as she waved her hand in each direction she gave her mother.

“That son of a bugger tried to keep us from getting there” Kelly said angrily, making the turn.  Five minutes later they were sitting outside of a locked gate.

“What the heck is this?” Rhonda looked up and down the fence line.  It seemed as though the fence must have wrapped around the entire property.

“I should have known he wasn’t going to make this easy.  We’re dealing with a psycho and I gave him the benefit of the doubt for playing fair.”  Kelly ran her fingers through her hair as she sized up their situation.  The gates were at least eight feet tall, as was the fence and the top curved back toward the building and was strung with barbed wire.  The fence was rusting and it was clear that the building had not been used for more than twenty years.  She thought it odd that such a beautiful old Victorian house would be used for an asylum and imagined it must have been beautiful in its day with all the trees surrounding it.  Now it just looked eerie.

“How do we get in?  We only have an hour left to find her and that building is huge, and searching for an entrance is going to cut into the precious time we have.”

“I know and I see that the lock is new.  He did this deliberately, that no good jerk” Kelly said beginning to cry.

“We have to keep it together” Rhonda told her gripping her by the shoulders.

Kelly winced a little from her old injury she had sustained from Eric but turned her full attention to what Rhonda was saying.  “I know we do.  I’m sorry, temporary lapse.”

“Just remember he said we have until eight p.m. to find her and then the flooding would begin and she wasn’t in a position to swim.  I would take that to mean she must be in a room in the basement, but who knows with him.  He could have her anywhere and fixed up a place to flood or she may not even be inside this building.  Maybe she’s somewhere on the property where there’s water.”

“Like an old well” Kelly said trying to give herself hope.  “Where do we even begin to look?  We have less than an hour to find her and we can’t even get in this damn place.”  Kelly was frustrated and had to take a step back and shake her head to get herself back in the game.

“I hate him” Rhonda screamed.  “She’s just a kid you psycho ass” she yelled at the building.  “We have to find a way in” Rhonda said beginning to sprint along the fence keeping her eyes peeled for a hole or weak section, or just an opening of any kindEric couldn’t expect us to climb over the fence, could he?  Surely he isn’t that psychotic, but this is Eric I’m thinking about and this would be exactly how the demented jerk would think and just what he would expect us to do, Kelly thought to herself.

“Did you find anything yet?” Kelly called to Rhonda as she ran in the opposite direction.

“Not yet” Rhonda answered slightly out of breath.  “He’s freakin’ warped and he knows that we will spend our time trying to get in and by the time we do…” her voice trailed off.

“Rhonda, is something wrong?  Did you find something?” she called between breaths.

Rhonda stared blankly in front of her.  She could not believe what was before her eyes.  She wanted to scream but nothing would come out.  It seemed as though her abilities had left her when her eyes caught sight of what lie on the other side of the fence.

“Rhonda!  Can you hear me?” Kelly called to her turning to run in her direction fearing that something had happened to her.  She could see her standing in front of the fence in the far distance but she couldn’t tell if something had happened.

Rhonda’s throat felt as though there were a lump the size of an orange in it.  She couldn’t swallow she couldn’t cry out, she couldn’t look away.  She was barely aware of the insects that were beginning to fly around her.  She stood there, her mouth slightly agape and her eyes wide.  She wasn’t aware that she was shaking her head slowly back and forth.  She hadn’t even noticed that her breathing was beginning to become rapid, shallow breaths.  The sight before her was so horrifying that she couldn’t avert her eyes.  She couldn’t acknowledge her mother’s voice or comprehend what she was saying.  She felt the bile trying to enter her throat but it seemed the lump wouldn’t allow it.  The tears were burning the backs of her eyes but she dared not blink for fear that the sight before her would worsen, until the burning tears overtook her.  When they began to fall they couldn’t be held back and the open mouth without a voice now shattered the silence surrounding her.

“Rhonda!” Kelly screamed breaking into a full run.  She could feel the air burning her lungs as she ran to her daughter to rescue her from what she couldn’t see.

Rhonda’s scream turned into sobs and she began to shake harder.  She became weak in the knees and dropped forcefully on the ground.  She threw her hands up gripping her hair behind her ears as she closed her eyes and screamed again. “Noooo, noooo, noooo you demented son of a bitch.  I HATE YOU!”

Kelly reached Rhonda as she was about to throw a handful of dirt and gravel through the fence.  She came to a sliding halt in front of her daughter blocking her view of the other side.  Kelly hadn’t seen what Rhonda had.  She didn’t want to look out of fear.  She just grabbed her daughter and held onto her tightly.  She had no desire to turn back and look at whatever hideous sight caused her to be so distraught.

“Mom” Rhonda sobbed.  “Oh mom” was all she could manage to say.

“Shh, it’s okay.  I’m here. It’s all going to be okay” Kelly told her as she stroked her hair with her right hand and held her with the left.

“Bullshit!” Rhonda said finding her voice.  “I’ll hunt that bastard down and kill him if it’s the last thing I do.”  Her eyes were cold and blank.  The venom that dripped from the words she spoke was implacable.  Kelly knew she had to look behind her and she knew it would take pure will and determination to do so.

Rhonda was clenching her fists as Kelly held her.  Her breaths seemed oddly loud as the air passed through her flaring nostrils.  Kelly could feel the slight tremble in her daughter’s body and the stiffness of her back.  Her head was drawn back and her eyes were wild.  Kelly knew that she could no longer avoid looking behind her, she needed to turn around.

Nothing could have ever prepared her for the sight she was about to behold. She closed her eyes and drew a deep breath to steady her nerves.  She knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

Kelly released Rhonda from her arms and drew another deep breath and began to turn around.

“You don’t want to see this” she said grabbing her mother by the shoulders to stop her.

Kelly winced slightly from the pain remaining in her right shoulder and looked at Rhonda directly.  She observed the pale face with black streaks running down the cheeks, the slight tremble in the pink lips and the look of pure hatred in her bloodshot eyes.  She reached up to wipe her face.

Rhonda immediately grabbed Kelly’s hand and said “Stop!  I don’t need you to wipe my tears, they deserve to fall today.  I don’t often cry, but today it’s not against my rules” and then released Kelly’s hand.  Her voice was quiet and unusually calm in spite of the quivering lips and slight tremble of her body.  “If you have reception you need to dial 9-1-1 and tell them to get their asses out here now.”

Kelly’s face lost all expression as she looked at her daughter’s face.  The seriousness of her tone and the expression in her eyes spoke volumes.  Kelly turned around and screamed long and loud as she fell backward to the ground from her kneeling position.  She was trying to crawl backward on her knees to escape the scene in front of her.  She wanted desperately to close her eyes and erase it from her vision but could not do it.  She wanted her mind to erase the image but that was impossible.  This image would burn in her memory forever.  Her heart sank as it beat wildly in her chest.  The adrenaline was pumping through her veins and not about to slow down.

How could this have happened?  Who could have done such a sadistic thing?’  She held herself up from the ground with her arms extended behind her, supporting her weight, though she didn’t know how.  Her body felt laden down by invisible weights and she should not have been strong enough to support it though she was.  The ghastly sight before her eyes was holding her there, rendering her powerless to move or avert her eyes.

“I told you not to look” Rhonda said quietly.

“How could this have happened?” Kelly cried out.

“I don’t know.  We just spoke yesterday, last night as a matter of fact.”  Rhonda was completely unexpressive.  There was no glimmer of emotion of any kind on her face as she stared directly at the gruesome scene.  She was devoid of emotion.

Kelly’s mind drifted back as she stared ahead of her, trying to remember her last conversation with this person that she held so dearly.

I hope you enjoyed the preview 🙂



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