Heed the Signs: The Prevention of Domestic Violence Series 1

We all get excited over the start of a new relationship. The hand holding, soft kisses, shy smiles and getting to know one another. But how do we know when things in this budding relationship are about to go wrong?

Heed the signs!

There are signs in potentially hazardous relationships that prepare us for what’s to come. The problem for most of us, including myself, is that we don’t pay attention to them. When in a few weeks or months down the road, our new lover says they don’t want to go out with our friends, as they normally do a few times a month, we ignore that and take it to mean they just want to be alone with us.

Sometimes that is true, but when it begins to happen each time a date is planned with friends, then you are getting your sign. Now is the time to discuss it and ask why. We usually get an answer of I want to be with you, not your friends, I love you. Don’t you ever want it to be just us? Can’t we go out alone for a while? Why do we need to go with your friends?

You should be heeding these signs. This is the onset of what could potentially be the most hazardous relationship of your life. You will know when you spend a month or two with your new love and not with your friends. There are no more double or triple dates, or meeting up with friends for a drink. It will be just you and your new love and the one most important thing they count on is that by the time they make their move, you will have so much time invested in the relationship you won’t want to end it. But end it is what you should do.

Alienating you from your friends is NOT what a loving, caring partner does. This is the person who is showing one of the signs of domestic violence tendencies. This person and relationship could be potentially harmful to you. Be cautious if you refuse the advice to leave. Yes, a heart has been invested, but is it worth your life?


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