Body Betrayal? Sexy Sunday #52

She is the strongest person I know and I love her 🙂

SEX w/ Annie


I love it when my body betrays my mind.

It’s a kind of freedom that lets me be who I am or who I was always afraid to be.

And Yet he knows that.

And always has known that about me.

How is it that he knows when I need his touch the most?

Does he secretly read my thoughts?

I don’t know what I would have done without him all these years.

And especially these past ten months.

The way he walks over and touches me gently and kisses me on the head.

He knows the stress I’m under is tremendous.

I thank my angels that he does.

Without his unconditional love I would have fallen by now.

But not today, not while I have his hand and his loving arms to always catch me.

We won’t give up now not when we are so close and almost there.

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