John Morgan: Right before my dad passed

We passed this in Maryland and crime rates have gone down, sick people are feeling better and society is just as strong as it ever was, if not stronger. So I ask all of you FLORIDIANS to pass the medical marijuana, it may be the thing your friend or family member needs to feel better without narcotics that make them just sleep and not eat.

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John Morgan John Morgan

I am posting this post verbatim from http://www.unitedforcare.org/right_before_my_dad_passed because it is vital that Florida enact this law, I beg all Floridians to get out and vote for this on November 4, 2014. Although over 80% of Floridians believe Medical Marijuana should be available to people like myself who are suffering the measure requires over 60% of the voters to vote in favor for it to pass and become law. Strangely, many of the opponents to this measure are not residents of Florida and I have read that the largest contributor that funds the opposition movement supports Medical Marijuana in Israel, but opposes it in Florida. Please get out and vote and consider volunteering to knock on doors or contribute to this effort in anyway you can.
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Then in June 2013 we found out my Hepatitis "C" was chronic and had a test result that showed I was prime for developing cancer. Then in June 2013 we found out my Hepatitis “C” was chronic and had a test result that showed I…

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