First Date :)

Isn’t it crazy the way we get when it comes to that first date?  We panic in the beginning wondering if what we have to wear is really suitable for the date or appropriate for where we are going.  We wonder if we should cut our hair or just try a new style or is it fine the way it is?  Lol, but regardless, we obsess about it.  That first date!  It doesn’t matter if this is the first date we have ever had or the first date after a broken relationship, we obsess.  Take me for instance, I panic over my first dates.  I remember when I was in high school and that real first date was something I completely panicked over.  I couldn’t find the right clothes, the right salon, the right nail polish or the right gum lol.  It seems that the other first dates fell under that same panicked hysteria that befell the first.  We always want to make a great impression.  I have a friend that studies how her lips look when she puckers for a kiss because she doesn’t want to look funny lol.  That is her panic over a first date.  I am having a breakfast meeting next week.  My daughters have called this a first date.  Now is when the panic mode kicked in lol because I haven’t dated since I got married and it’s been four years since the divorce.  Now I am in panic mode.  All was fine when this was defined as a breakfast meeting but now that a new light has been shed on things and new definition has been applied I find myself wondering if I have the right clothes, the right hairstyle lol or the right shoes.  Tell me what you think about a first date?  Mine is a business meeting, now just because he happens to be single doesn’t mean that this is a first date…or does it?


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