Domestic Violence…To be no more…

I strive to end that horrific thing, the one we don’t like to call by name. You know the one I’m talking about…Domestic Violence. It happens to so many unsuspecting people, male and female alike. When this disgusting, revolting thing happened to me, I hid from the world in the beginning. I was so ashamed that I caused this to happen. Of course we all know that it is not the victim’s fault…It is solely that of the abuser. Despicable characters that have no true feelings for the one they abuse, only the deep dark desire to control the one they believe is weaker than themselves. This being said, I will tell you how I strive to end this repulsive thing. I speak at high schools and colleges to help our students gain the knowledge on discerning good and evil. Discerning good and evil??? Yes, they need to know the difference. There are things that evil doers do that unsuspecting good people don’t realize is evil. What??? I’m talking in riddles??? Yes, I suppose I am, but it just got your attention. Men are not the only ones who abuse. Women abuse as well. I teach our young people and anyone else that cares to learn what the warning signs are. I will be speaking at the News Center in Easton Maryland on April 12, 2014. If you care to listen, watch or learn, please join me. I will also be autographing books which will be available onsite. No, this blog was not for promotional purposes, but to inform my interested readers that they can hear me speak on diminishing the act of domestic violence. Have a beautiful uneventful day mt friends 🙂


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