Author Award

I received the valued placement of “Runner Up” in the MARSocial/KeeranVaani Author of the Year Competition-2014. This was something that I honestly did not expect. Not the woman who started with everything, lost it and is now trying to build it all back again. Of course some would ask why would you become a self-published author in the first place? That is a blog for another day. To me this was an intense honor! I write about Kelly Price, a woman whom nearly lost her life due to domestic violence. Someone is trying to kill her and she needs to find out who it is before it’s too late. So on with the award lol: I entered my second book in the ‘TO HIDE from DEATH’ series (it is very intense). I didn’t enter with the expectancy of winning an award, heck, I was shocked when I made it as a finalist (#39 of 40). I never dreamed that I would make it to the runner up position after that. I was quite satisfied with the honor of finalist. However, I did begin to dream. I dared to dream. I began to believe in myself when I saw how supportive my fellow authors were. We had each other’s backs. We tweeted for one another above and beyond what the contest called for. We posted each other on our Facebook pages, out LinkedIn accounts and just about every other social network we were on. I then heard a sermon by Joel O’Steen and he was saying how God wanted us to be happy. That the only thing that limits us is ourselves. He said you have to believe it and it will happen. Well, I dared to believe. I dared to dream and dream big. Voila!!! I made it to ‘Runner Up” along with some other deserving authors like LaRae Perry, Coleman Weeks, James McAllister, Ed Gellock and more. I am ecstatic to hold the honorable title of “Award Winning Author” after all, wouldn’t you if you had lost everything? This award allowed me to hold my head and say: “You didn’t beat me this time *%#*” Have a lovely day my friends 🙂


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