Domestic Violence warning signs

I told you a month ago that I would post warning signs of possible domestic violence situations. I am so sorry that I was unable to get back here before now. One of my daughters was not quite feeling up to par and I had to take a writing break. i am back and on a roll now (so-to-speak) and away we go….
As I said before, one of the first is when you are told you don’t need to wear that makeup or perfume or cologne because you are beautiful just the way you are. now you should have your alarm set and you should watching for more signs. You see, if that makeup or cologne or perfume was great when you met, it should remain that way now. It shouldn’t matter who sees you in it or smells you wearing it. The dominant party in a DV situation is very controlling however, they try to be rather subtle about it. They will do things like brush their hand along the side of your cheek and and speak softly to you while smiling. They like to tell you how beautiful you are without all that junk and you only need to look good for them. Now your alarm should be blinking. It graduates from telling you what you don’t need now to telling you what you should do. If you loved them you would only want to impress them. You can;t possibly love them as much as they love you if you can continue to do what they asked you not to. (Flashing lights) It then goes to why do you need to hang out with so and so, you saw them this week already or you saw them last week. What do they have that I don’t? I don’t think you really love me (Here comes the guilt trip and you start to try to lift their spirits and prove how much you do love them) You say well I can always postpone until next week. i would rather be with you. This ends up being a constant thing and you start to realize that you haven’t seen your friends for a month and you decide to grab a coffee or a drink or lunch with one of them. you see the one that claims to love you and they ask you what you did today and you tell them you had lunch, a drink, or coffee with your friend. This seems to upset that one that claims loves you and they ask you why you did that. They seem to be a bit upset but tell you everything is fine. So you have lunch or whatever with your friend again (that makes twice in a week) and now the one that claims to love you is a bit more upset and asks you why, you already had lunch once this week. Then they want to know how much you love them. They begin to make you feel guilty for seeing your friend and when your friend says hey, want to have lunch next week you decline. This is where I will stop for today. I will post further tomorrow or Thursday. Thank you for reading and I hope I have helped 🙂


1 Response to “Domestic Violence warning signs”

  1. February 1, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    You are teaching others the signs of abuse. And I commend you for being so strong. This can’t be easy Tre. But if you can help one woman or one man get away from the abuser, to see the signs then telling your stories will all be worth the blog post. Hugs!!

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