Moving forward!

This is a new blog start for me…A kind of new perspective or outlook I have about moving forward in life after living through experiences that you just ordinarily would prefer to forget. Take for instance my domestic violence situation. It is something I would have preferred to box up, place int he closet and never open the door to again.  That is not the way the way to handle that particular situation. Instead I need to leave the box out in the open so I can occasionally glance at it and make sure I am doing things the right way this time.  Never feel as though you are alone.  If you box up your detrimental experience or encounter it will eat you alive inside. As for myself, I decided to start writing. It was a work in progress, as that is what I was. Therapy sessions, group meetings, protective orders and fear…NOT the way I wanted to live. My writing began as a log but I turned it into a mystery book. I titled the first book in my series ‘To Hide from Death’ “Where do you go when death is lurking”. It gave me such a release. It took the pent up fear and made it dissipate. No, not overnight, but the further I got into writing and the deeper involved I became, the less fear I had. Am I completely over my fears or experience? No, not at all…But I know that I can persevere. I know that I am stronger than anything that is meant to hold me back or keep me down. I refuse to live in fear and allow evil to win. I chose to move forward. I have joined a few writing clubs and have experienced the joy of being almost whole. What is that you ask? Do I not feel whole? What do I mean? I lost a part of me back then and in my efforts to move forward and stepping out of my shell of a comfort zone, I found a part of me that I didn’t fully comprehend the existence of prior. I found a new me and was beginning to feel like a whole person again, not a shell of the woman I had once been. New friends, new woman, new life…all mixed in with me. What a beautiful feeling it was to find that I did still exist 🙂 My writing makes me stronger and it keeps me moving forward as do my friends that are there to help me along…I will be attending my first Christmas party in many years and this will be a huge milestone for me. Stay tuned as I update you with my progress and writing. Eventually, I will tell you about the warning signs of domestic violence so that you may be more aware of a situation and can avoid confrontation either for yourself, or a loved one. Have a beautiful day and I shall see you in a few days 🙂


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